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At New Era Roofs | Solar, family is our top priority and we know it is for you too. That’s why we treat each client as such. We take pride in providing you with the best service when you decide to take the step towards a green future. Challenges while installing solar panels can arise for a variety of reasons, such as geographic location, orientation of your home, or even choosing the wrong equipment, problems that we will solve for you.

Your home is your family’s sanctuary and solar plays a vital role in its economic stability and sustainability. Protect what matters most by scheduling a consultation with our solar experts, who will provide with a comprehensive savings report. At New Era Roofs | Solar, we are committed to providing you with efficient and customized energy solutions to help you achieve your sustainability and financial goals.


Solar Panel Services

New Era Roofs | Solar is your modern solar energy specialist. In Colorado, where the sun shines brightly, we are dedicated to installing the highest quality solar panels, using the most advanced industry-leading technology. We are committed to providing you with the best experience and quality on every project, ensuring that your solar system is designed to offer you clean and sustainable energy over time.

Solar panel installation

After an initial consultation to evaluate your energy needs and your home’s solar potential, our team will conduct a detailed site inspection to determine the best location and design for solar panel installation.

Lease or buy?

It’s a common question homeowners ask when considering their options for going solar. Our team will be available to evaluate specific needs and determine if a lease is in your best interest or if a purchase is your better choice.

Cleaning and maintenance

Because we install industry leading equipment, you can rest assure your solar panels will perform at an optimal level for years to come. With little to no maintenance required.


At New Era Roofs | Solar, we believe in offering all our customers the best solar energy solution possible. That’s why we focus on two aspects: providing top-notch customer service and using the highest quality materials on all of our solar energy projects. To be the best, we must provide the best.

At New Era Roofs | Solar we install solar panels from recognized brands such as: Qcells, pairing them with the industry leading Tesla solar inverter. By using the best materials we guarantee its functionality.

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